Taxes, Interest & Penalties

If it wasn’t a tax refund, you probably had a very uncomfortable feeling. If it involves back taxes, interest, and penalties, we are here to help. With over thirty(30) years of experience in dealing with multiple IRS matters, Mr. Roth works to solve problems that can arise from the IRS's extraordinary powers. They can file liens and levy on your monetary accounts and your property. Action must be taken when a notice is received. Ignoring such a notice cannot and should not be an option. Time is often of the essence. When you receive an IRS notice and want help with a successful result, call Mr. Roth to set up a complimentary appointment.

If you have failed to file tax returns, please call us. The failure to file tax returns can be a criminal and civil offense that can have devastating consequences to that person and their family. We will evaluate your circumstances and assist in bringing you into compliance with current law, using available resources to claim refunds, deductions, credits, and offsets against the deficiency, as available. Resolution means peace of mind.

If the IRS files a tax lien on property you own, it will affect your ability to sell, transfer, or gift that property and your credit standing. Action must be taken to resolve the underlying deficiency that resulted from the tax lien being filed. There are options available. Our office takes you through the maze of IRS procedures to achieve the best result possible. When the issues are resolved, the tax lien can be removed and credit restored.

If the IRS levy on an account at a financial institution for monies they claim is due and owing, call us immediately. The matter can be contested if action is taken quickly.
If you are an innocent spouse who has not been party to or aware of the tax liability incurred by your spouse, please call us. We have successfully litigated and settled many innocent spouse cases with the IRS.