Estate Planning

If the matter involves estate planning, we ask that our prospective client(s) complete an estate planning questionnaire prior to the initial meeting. This information requested by the questionnaire provides insight into the family dynamics. Such questionnaire can be found on our web site.

An estate plan involves planning not only for death but for disability. A Last Will and Testament is only effective at death, yet it is important to have documents like a General Power of Attorney (financial), a Medical Power of Attorney, Living Wills (also know as Directive to Physician) and other instruments which would become effective in the event of incapacity. The questionnaire is designed to focus a prospective client on thinking about individuals or corporate fiduciaries to appoint in circumstances where a person or entity is in a position of trust for his or her family. The completed questionnaire, copies of estate planning documents that are currently in force and effect, and a financial statement should be brought to the initial meeting in order to best be able to determine a plan and course of action to pursue.