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It is important for an attorney to care about his clients, use all of his skill and experience to prepare proper and complete documents and see a matter through an often difficult process to its conclusion.

Trust is earned and not easily given. For over twenty (20) years, Mr. Roth has earned the trust of his clients by providing professional and competent service in an ever changing legal environment.

Our firm provides one-on-one attention and quality legal work for our clients. Why pay the high fees and overhead of the mega law firms when you can receive competent and individual handling of your legal matter on a quick and cost effective basis? It is our experience, cost and understanding of the issues that sets us apart from the legal community. Based on the legal matter, we have flexible fee contracts with our clients.


Knowledge Base

    Legal News

  • Survey on CNN Headline News states that only 50% of Americans have a will. If a person dies without a will, state law dictates how their assets(everything you have) will be distributed.
  • HR Bill 436 is circulating in the House of Representatives. This bill would freeze the estate tax exemption at $3,500,000 and eliminate minority and marketability discounts for partnerships that are not actively conducting business. Other proposals are expected to be considered in revising current estate tax law.